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Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to Calculate The Gold Price Per Gram

I recently saw many questions online about how to calculate the gold price per gram. Gold is commonly priced in troy ounces but the many people outside the USA use the metric system so need the price in grams especially when trying to calculate scrap gold prices.

1 troy ounce of gold contains 31.104768 grams

So you just need to take the current market price of gold and divide it by 31.105768 and then you have your price per gram

Alternatively you can go to and use the coin, bullion & gold calculator and follow these instructions

Select Gold
Select Gold Bullion
Select Grams
Enter quantity

This will give you the current price of gold per gram quickly and easily.


Ronald said...

Hey friend.

I think your site is very interesting for me. The price of gold is conventionally measured in troy ounces.Gold is trading on commodities exchanges 24 hours a day so you have to check the live price of gold before calculating gold price per gram.Thanks...

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