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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Gold to Silver Ratio

The Gold to Silver Ratio is the number of silver ounces that you can buy with one ounce of gold. Today's gold price $1106 and the silver price is $15.89. 1106/15.89 giving a gold to silver ratio of 69.60.

Why is this Important?

The gold to silver ratio has only ever been as high as 80 and as low as 17. If you believe that the price of gold and precious metals is on the up then the potential for silver to rise at a greater rate than gold is very high as the potential for the gold to silver ratio is more likely to go down than up considering how far it is from its historical low.

Also consider that as more people move into precious metals and the gold price goes up then it becomes less and less accessible to the general public as it becomes more expensive - leaving silver as the next best option. Thus fueling a slide down in the gold to silver ratio.

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