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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to Buy Junk Silver Coins


Decide which Junk Silver Coins to buy.Morgan Silver Kennedy 1964 Half Dollars, Mercury or Roosevelt dimes might be the best place to start.
Step 2

Calculate the current spot silver value of the junk silver coins you have chosen to buy. You can do this either by going to and use their junk silver calculator which will work out the values for you or alternatively take the current silver price and multiply it by 0.36169 (for Kennedy Half Dollars) or by 0.07234 (for Mercury Dimes)

Lets say the Silver price is $16 and you want to buy some Kennedy Half Dollars so the spot silver value of each is $5.78. Any dealer will charge you a premium above the spot value of the coin and they will often quote the price in terms of "face" (i.e. face value) So for example our Kennedy Half Dollar that is worth &5.78 would be quoted at around 11.5 times face. The face value is 50 cents, the spot silver value is $5.78 s divide %5.78 by 0.5 which gives you roughly 11.5 times face.

What ever the face price is for Kennedys will also be the same for Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Dimes and Barber Quarters. So a Mercury Dime at 11.5 times face will be worth $1.15 and so on.
Step 3

Once you know the value of the coins you want to buy then you can start shopping around. Some dealers will only sell Junk Silver Coins in $1000 bags face value - which may end up costing you $12-13000. If buying such a large amount the maximum premium you should look at paying is 10% and shop around for less!!!!

If you are on a smaller budget do not worry - many coin dealers will sell you individual coins - meaning you can start investing in silver for as little as $1.50!!!!. My experience has shown that your local coin shop will offer better prices than large internet retailers so its worth shopping around. Buying singles or smaller lots may push the premium you pay up to 20%

Another great place to buy junk silver coins is on Ebay. Many sellers will sell in smaller quantities and offer free shipping. One trick I picked up was to calculate the spot value of the lot they were selling and put in a bid just s tiny but above that spot value and to do this for many different lots. Often I would win at least a couple of bids the bid because not so many people were bidding on that lot.

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