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Monday, May 10, 2010

Scrap Gold Price Report in Ounces and Grams May 10th 2010

Scrap Gold Prices Report - Monday May 10th 2010

Gold per troy ounce closed at $1203 Monday May 10th 2010

Scrap Gold Prices Per Gram

10k =$16.12per gram

14k = $22.62 per gram

18k = $28.99 per gram

22k = $35.41 per gram

24k = $38.66 per gram

Scrap Gold Price Per Ounce

10k =$501.44 per troy ounce

14k =$703.46 per troy ounce

18k = $901.87 per troy ounce

22k = $1101,46 per troy ounce

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Net said...

There is no way to predict just when the price of gold will begin to go down so now is the time to take advantage of the rising price and Sell My Gold, Cash in on your Gold, get Money for Gold or Scrap My Gold.

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Ronald said...

Hi Dude,

Nice blog! The price of gold changes daily and reflects the live spot gold price in your country. Scrap gold prices vary between dealers, and sellers are advised to shop around for the best price. Thank you...

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