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Friday, July 16, 2010

Latest Technical Analysis of Scrap Gold Prices July 16th 2010

In the recent technical analysis of  scrap gold prices we were looking at a smaller wedge which broke out to the downside. There is a larger wedge (drawn in above). This is also an ending pattern in the uptrend it is just much larger than the other wedge. A move below 1175 would be the start of a dramatic move downwards in scrap gold  prices - for now. I have also drawn in a trend line which interestingly enough coincides with the bottom line of the wedge. Also the price bounced off the trend line 3 times - one of those times was today. A break below the trend line of  scrap gold prices, the a retrace upwards and the a continuation downward below that level will also indicate a change in direction of scrap gold prices.

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